Have you ever check what you have already written on the internet wall for the past years? If not, you better check now!

You will be surprise to see how messy your footprint on the world wide web and it is quite impossible to clean up everything. Certain things may remain in cache for few days, certain mess may remain forever if you never bother to clear it up! To make things worst, you may have already forgotten all your access and password! Go and check it out, you may find that your trails on the 90’s internet hypes such as GeoCities and Tripod still exist today! Hope not. Anyway, if you have never heard of GeoCities and Tripod, most probably you were not born yet when the popular web hosting services that hosted millions of personal websites were at its peak. Those were the days people toying around using primitive IRC (internet relay chat) using desktop computers. Huh! Smart phone did not exist yet okay!

Let us look into all mess that would still under your control, especially your current social medias such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn etc. The magic keyword of the day is; behave.

Rule No#1: Behave

You better behave yourself. Behaving yourself means acting in the way that you are supposed to, especially in social medias. It simply means that you should not make annoying noises, move or run around too much in the internet world, especially if you are a politicians – L.O.L! But on a serious note you should be aware that whatever nonsense that you may have written or you are going to write in the near future, most likely would remains forever – years after you die – years before the doomsday! So, you would better careful folks! Unless you really want to be remembered as a cyber bully kind of person or a handsome boy with bad mouthing habits.

Rule No#2: Follow Rule No#1

Full stop.

Cleaning Up Tip

  • Check all your timelines, tagging and posting on social medias.
  • Delete all negative postings. Do not archive it, just delete it!
  • Un-tag all postings associating you with negative activities or bad circumstances. It may still exist out there, but just un-tag as much as you can.
  • Do all the necessary to clean up as much as possible, even if all your postings since the year Facebook was born need to be deleted.
  • Keep only positive postings on your time line!

Final Notes

Behave yourself! Even if nothing much you can do erase or delete all things that you have already written on the net, let it be. Just do it right for your next posting or sharing online. Have a courtesy. Be more tactful when sharing your thought or emotion on social medias. Well, perhaps sometime you can be a bit naughty here and there – but please – not on public domain social medias where it can be read by billions of people in the world.

If you feel like doing so, go ahead write all nasty things on your private WhatsApp or WeChat group before you are being kicked-out, especially at the peak of PRU15 or the so called General Election season. But remember this; your ‘nemesis’ can still save all your nasty chat or screenshot everything, and you are still subjected to blackmail later – say few years down the road – you are getting promoted as a school headmaster. Or perhaps, you know – you may be elected as local council representative or senator or members of parliament! Knowing that all your dirty trails might resurface at the wrong time would definitely make be you more careful in all your doings – BEHAVE!

Good luck!


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