There is no better way to start change in one’s being than to have a radical assessment of one’s personality. Yes, the best place to begin changes in one’s world is within oneself. The reason for this is the fact that the only organism in this world with which we have a total control is our very own self. If we still have the illusion that changing the outside world would radically change the inside, we are mistaken. Our very own self is the only platform of which we should have perfect control, and for this reason, the best possible change can only start from within.

A Radical Self-Assessment

Now, if we want to change something in ourselves we should know which aspect of ourselves need change. Henceforth, we need a radical self-assessment. What I mean is that we should discover the areas in our life which need to be changed. There are different aspects and areas of our life.

There are five important aspects or areas in our life.

First, there is the physical aspect which includes our very own body, our instincts, and our bones and muscles. Second, there is the emotional aspect of our life which includes the different emotions which we daily experience and the motivations which prod us to action. Third, there is the intellectual aspect of our life which includes our intellectual skills, our IQ, our logical perspective, and all the mental processes we indulge in every day. Fourth, there is the social aspect of our life which includes our interactions with our fellow human beings, our works, and even our relationship with our significant others, relatives, and friends. Lastly, there is the spiritual aspect of our life which includes our belief system and our relationship with the higher beings.

If we want to make some substantial changes in our life, we need to make a thorough assessment of these five aspects and find out which are the dark and grey areas which need to be changed and developed. Only then could we say that we’ve made a radical assessment of our personality if we were able to assess objectively these five aspects of our life. We can do this assessment of ourselves by listing down the different areas of our lives which are veering towards the positive and the negative sides. A realistic assessment of these five areas can give us an objective view of which areas of our life necessitate change.

Be Self-satisfied And You’ll Stagnate

It is very easy to be smugly indulged in our present existence to a point that we resist change, thinking that there is no need for change because the present is definitely comfortable and working well. Yet, this kind of attitude may lead to self-stagnation while the rest of the world is making progress in great strides. We all know what happens if we stagnate, we fail to adapt to the ever-changing situation and we will be left out. A perfect example in nature of stagnation is the stagnant pond with no exit points. The water becomes full of silt that there comes a point that the pond exudes a fetid stench. Thus, if we want to revitalize a pond, we need to improvise an exit canal which will allow the water to move out of it, and new water to come in allowing the rejuvenation of the pond.

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