Lead Magnet & Website Traffic Social Media Marketing

Facebook Lead Generation & Pixel Retargeting

Did you know that on Facebook, you can collect e-mail? That’s right. You can collect leads. It’s pretty straightforward. You can run ad campaigns with a lead collection button. It can be Find Out More, Sign Up or other language. Regardless, if you’re running this type of campaign, it must be highly targeted. It’s really […]

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email marketing
Email Marketing Lead Magnet & Website Traffic

Ways to Drive Website Traffic with Email Marketing

Email marketing can be divided into two main styles; bulk email marketing campaigns, and opt-in letters and updates. While both of these methods are dependent on the medium of email to maximize your visibility, both of these methods work in drastically different ways. Bulk Email Marketing These types of marketing campaigns usually deal with having […]

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Lead Magnet & Website Traffic

Getting Traffic with Guest Blogging

If you are trying to increase traffic to your site, collaborating with other, more established Internet personalities is an excellent method to try. The simplest way to do this is to offer to contribute guest blogs to other sites. When you post content on another person’s blog, you will be able to reach an already […]

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Content Marketing Lead Magnet & Website Traffic SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Content Creation, SEO and Leveraging Analytics

According to Internet Live Stats, at time of this post is being published, Google has been processing over 5.5 billion searches, just for today! The figures keep on growing. Add to these numbers the number of interactions with social media and mobile applications and ranking higher on the Internet can be downright overwhelming. The good […]

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