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Education Getting Started with Webinar

Webinar – Being the Best Presenter

Earlier, we mentioned that the chapter on preparation wasn’t anything to do with improving your skills as a presenter. The reason for that is that this chapter is specifically devoted to making you the best presenter possible, someone that can engage the audience and get them to want to come back for future seminars. If […]

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Education Marketing

Ways to Use an Infographics

We know that infographics are great ways to impart information visually to your audience in chunks that help them retain and understand the information better. But, sometimes it’s easy to forget that there are numerous uses for infographics. In fact, other than how they’re used now (on social media), infographics have been around a long […]

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Education Social Media

Ways to Get an Infographic to Go Viral

If you want your infographic to go viral, it’s not as simple as creating it and it suddenly becoming popular. You may have to work at it for a few months to get it to take flight online. There are numerous ways that you can give your infographic the most chance to go viral and […]

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Education Marketing Social Media

Using Infographics to Get Leads

Creating infographics are fabulous ways to get leads from your website. This is especially true if you get a lot of people to share your infographic and talk about it. The best way to get the information to as many people as possible is to create something that can go viral, but which also links […]

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