Guide to Freelancing Working From Home

Create your ‘Smart’ Lifestyle Design

I briefly touched on the idea of lifestyle design. What does this mean precisely? The term ‘lifestyle design’ was either coined or popularized by Tim Ferriss in his book The Four Hour Workweek. The idea behind it is simple: you create the lifestyle you want out of your job. This simply means that you think […]

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video creation
Video Marketing

How to Improve Article-to-Video Marketing

One of the most common ways people produce marketing videos involves turning text articles into videos. This is a software-driven solution. Basically, they would take an article that they wrote, maybe it’s a blog post, perhaps it’s a resource article; it doesn’t really matter. They would feed it into the software, and the software would […]

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Video Marketing

Different Types of Video Marketing

It’s very important to make sure that you have clearly reverse-engineered your competitors. If it turns out that they are cranking out a specific type of video, you need to follow suit. Like I said, you don’t have to copy and paste exactly what they’re doing. If you did that, people really don’t have much […]

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say no
Simplifying Your Life

6 Simple Ways to Let Go of Toxic People

Just like saying no simplifies things, as you assess your life, you may find that you also have toxic people in your life that you need to let go of. Toxic people tend to create tons of drama in their lives and those who associate with them. Less drama in your life is always a […]

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freelance marketing
Guide to Freelancing

Freelance Writer: How to Market Yourself

You know you have the skillset, and you’re excited about being a freelance writer. You’ve done the work to set up a system and processes that enable you to onboard new clients, get the work done with them in an organized and timely manner, and you know how to get paid. Now it’s time to […]

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