Want to get paid more? Then work more. Want to just have a fun, profitable project on the side? Then work less!

What’s great about AdSense is that there’s no obligation whatsoever. It’s not like

having an employer that’s asking you to get a certain amount of clicks per month – It’s entirely up to your own personal discretion how much or how little you want to make, how much or how little you want to work.

You set your own hours, your own dates, and your own vacations. Of course, the more you work the more you’ll make. The amount of work you want to do is completely up to you.

The Money is More or Less Passive

The money you make is more or less passive income – Meaning that once you put the work in, you’ll get paid whether you do more work or not.

It’s not 100% passive – If you have your website making $1,000 a month, that amount will gradually go down over the course of a year or two if you don’t put any new content up.

But could you take a 3 month vacation to France while continuing to get paid and not putting any work in? Absolutely! In fact, you could easily take a 3 month vacation without taking a hit on your income.

Could you build a business, get a day job and effectively be getting paid double – While putting just a couple of hours a week into maintaining your income? Of course!

The income you’ll make from AdSense is about 90% passive. You can leave it for a period of months and you could do almost no work on it and it will keep coming in. It takes just a little bit of work to maintain it at its current level or just a bit more work than that to have it continue to increase.

You Can Do Something You Love – And Get Paid for It

What are your passions or hobbies? If you could get paid for anything, what would it be?

One thing about AdSense is that you can make money promoting just about any kind of website. If your passion is fly fishing, you could easily create a fly fishing website, put AdSense on it and get paid for it.

If your passion is health, you can get paid for that as well. Even if it’s something obscure – Like how to raise a Rottweiler, you can get paid for that too.

Just about any topic you’re interested in, that others might be interested in as well, you can make money from through Google AdSense. In other words, you can make passive income from your own home doing what you love to do. Any topic that you’re passionate about, you can make money from.

Easy Learning Curve

Unlike many other internet businesses, Google AdSense has a very easy to follow learning curve.

A typical business’s learning curve could take you up to 6 months – Maybe even longer before you make any money. You have to learn how to sell, how to write marketing copy, how to collect money, how to get traffic, how to merchandise, how to manage, etc.

Fortunately, you won’t have to go through such a steep learning curve. With Google AdSense, you can start making money within your very first week.

The learning curve is very easy. Learning how to install Google’s code takes about 30 minutes. Getting traffic and getting paid might take you a week to learn. Apart from that, there’s very few skills you need to learn.

Then you’re off towards making however much you want to make!

This is a ZERO Startup Cost Business!

Most other internet businesses have huge startup costs. A typical internet business would cost $1,000+ to startup – sometimes as much as $10,000 and up. Initial merchandise, merchant accounts, shopping carts, etc all cost a fair amount of money to get started with.

With AdSense, your startup cost is quite literally zero. Web hosting and a domain name do cost money – About $10 each – But even those are optional if you choose to hose your sites on a Blogger or WordPress site.

For under $50, you can start making money online today. In no other time in history has this been possible. There’s literally no reason not to get started today.

Rinse and Repeat

There’s no limit to how many times you can rise and repeat the AdSense profit formula. Unlike, say, a chair business where you’d be starting competition with yourself, with Google AdSense you can literally start as many different websites as you want.

If you’ve started a successful Fly Fishing website making $500 a month, you could just as easily start a website about internet marketing and make another $500 a month.

However many times you choose to rinse and repeat is at your own discretion.

How You Get Paid

Google sends you a check once a month with the total amount of money you’ve earned from Google AdSense.

If you’ve been making $10 a day, at the end of the month Google will send you a check for $300.

You don’t need to fill out tax forms until you’ve made a certain amount of money. There’s no payment processing system you need to setup. Getting paid is fast, easy and intuitive.

You Can Get Started Now

With many businesses, you have to wait weeks or months before you can start earning your first dollars:

First, you have to incorporate, which could take up to a month. Then you need to get your merchant accounts and payment processors online, which could take another 2-4 weeks. Then you need to get your products ready, which could take weeks. The wait times pile up on and on while you’re shelling money out of your own pocket to cover expenses.

With Google AdSense, there’s no such wait times. All you need to do is start your website now and start getting some traffic.

The moment you start getting traffic is the moment you start getting paid. This could take as little as one week before you start seeing money come into your bank account!

Where to Go From Here

Now you know how easy, fast, cheap and profitable AdSense is. As I’ve mentioned, the learning curve is low – But there is a learning curve.

The first step is to make a decision now that you’re going to make this happen for yourself. It’s unfortunate that so many people get started on the path of making money from home only to never take action.

Don’t let that happen with you.

You can make money from home. It isn’t’ difficult, but you do have to make a commitment. Follow through. Once you’ve made the decision, the next step is to educate yourself on the technical how-to’s of starting a Google AdSense website that makes money.

Specifically, you need to learn:

  • How to choose a profitable niche.
  • How to build a simple website.
  • How to create content that’s compelling.
  • How to install the Google AdSense ads.
  • How to get people to click on your AdSense ads.
  • How to get traffic to your website.

Once you’ve learned these 6 things – Which take literally about a week to learn – Then you’re ready to start making money from AdSense. Once you’ve had your first profitable website, it’s as easy and rinsing and repeating!

In this series, you’ve learned the basics of what Google AdSense is, how it works and why it’s both easier and faster than many other business models. Now it’s take to take the next steps and educate yourself further – And then take action on actually making money on the internet.


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