A template is essentially like a guide, pattern, or mold of the original. It is expected that someone can use the template to create something that matches the original faster than if they didn’t have the template to guide them. Templates make impressive and effective list builders because your audience, like most audiences, want shortcuts to success.

Templates can be made to help control quality, appearance, and make data match across a variety of environments so that the output is more accurate. The main thing is that the overall layout or information provided in the template is to be used to create a process or system.

They Solve a Problem Fast

A template is an excellent way to solve a problem fast. You can create template designs for everything – from landing pages, to how to do the five most basic knitting stitches, to help your child pass an exam. Since it’s all on one page, it’s easy to use and fast to implement.

They’re Easy to Create

A template is not hard to create, no matter the topic it’s about. You can easily find examples of templates in every type of software you like to use, from MS Word to MS Excel. When you see examples, it’s going to make it easier to choose the data to put into your template freebie.

The File Is Small

Since it’s just one page, the template is easy for most people to download even if they’re using their smartphones. Most templates are in PDF format, which is a universal format that people can use on their mobile devices or their computers. Since the file doesn’t take up much space and is simple to download, you don’t need any special software to give away templates.

They Offer High Value

A template is a high-value offer because it solves such an important and singular problem with just a glance. You can probably come up with several template ideas for your audience in your niche, regardless of what type of business you have. Even if you’re a VA, you can easily come up with a template that your customers could use to do the work you do. It’s okay because they still don’t want to do it, but it proves your knowledge.

Templates are the perfect lead magnets because they encompass all the qualities you want in a lead magnet for list building – simple, fast, and effective at solving one particular problem for a specific person. You probably have some templates already that you use that you could perfect and make ready as a list builder right now. What are you waiting for?


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